Once again, up at 3 am walking the night.
Although is not my fault I was awake. Got a phone call from T's dad. Drunk as always.
He proceeded to tell me about his dr visit yesterday.
Bad news. Which he knew. He is killing himself with his drinking and not taking care of his body.
He will loose his feet eventually. Diabetes.

Why call me crying? I guess he always has been able to talk to me. But now I hurt for my daughter. He says his life is over anyhow. He will be 50 in 5 years. I called him selfish.

What about ur daughter? She is only 9. C'mon.

So of course I was not able to get back to sleep. Laid down around 5 and tossed and turned. Back up again. No use in just laying there.

Exhausted. Mentally and physically. When does it end?

once again 3 am.

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