Got off work early past couple of days.
Not much of anything but thinking been done.
Horrible nightmares haunt me
Not sure what they are about. Not sure I wanna know.

Life is what it is
so i hear
tired of the games people play
men in particular on that one
why is it so hard? wtf
Is is so hard to understand?
compassion, is it that difficult? F*ck yeah i suppose so
Is is so hard to be? Why can't one just do?
Respect? seen it around? doubt it
Love? damn bad word, should be a curse word, banished from the language
Action vs Words..DUH
Anyone ever hear of a soul? Anyone GOT one?
Do I have issues? DAMN straight I do
I am tired, so very tired of it all
Why do I bother?
Why do I question? ha
Be afraid, be very very afraid. Someone might care or *GASP* love you
Heart of gold turns to stone, closes in quickly.
Fast before it turns. No one will ever see it sparkle again.
why should they? Why be nice? Why give a shit?
Does anyone give a shit? probably not. This day I don't

It is what it is
I am just me, deal with it

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