5:14 AM

My baby is home from her dad's. A month a long time.
She looks different.
But only a month?

her light brown hair streaked with blond highlights now
from swimming in the sun. beautiful she
golden brown skin, tan as tan can be
i missed her. her and me.

dang that all rythmed didn't mean it to

glad she is home. now back to the hard part of being a full time single mom.
means planning and being on target
no more popcorn for supper
or cereal and toast for supper
no more sitting up til late hours only to know I can sleep during the day
nope, back to life
life as I have known it for 9 years

wow 9 years.
half grown
half raised
will i know how to live in another 10 years?
empty nester as they say
will I have purpose then
ah i will worry about that bridge when I get to it

for now, my baby sleeps soundly with a smile on her face
sitting in the dark watching her rest is like no other feeling in the world
this lil person is of me
and that my friend is something no one can take from me

Just sayin...

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