Another month has passed, and I haven't posted here. No reason really, just haven't felt like posting or being on the computer. Nothing really going on around here either.
Tailor is doing well in school. Her report card had a A for math, B for reading and C for lang. arts. I was proud of her. She on the other hand, was upset that she did not get all A's lol.
The weather is finally cooling off down here. Got to open the windows for a couple of days last week. But turned the air back on yesterday, the humidity came back up. The highs are upper 80's and low's in the 60's.
Been having weird dreams lately as well. Not too sure what that is all about but wish they would quit!!! Have the open air market next month, and i am not even ready for it. I have little jewlery inventory to take to it, no tent or anything that i need for it either. Truth be told I really don't want to participate in it.
Well that's about it for around here. Not much going on!!

2 Responses to "November Already"

  1. ChaCha Says:

    we miss you

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I understand about coming in and out of blogging. I have recently done the same. I hope that things continue to go well and that life treats you kindly. Great job with the kid and keep it up!

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