10:51 AM

Yeah, I am still around and kicking. Yeah I know, I haven't updated my blog in forever. Was sick with upset stomach for about a month. Anyone that had bad morning sickness with pregnancy can image that times 10. That is how bad it was. No, am not pregnant!! lol. Not sure what the problem was, but it is much better now.

Tailor is doing very well in school. In fact she got a free personal pan pizza coupon from pizza hut this week for doing well on her reading. She was excited about that. She has picked out a witch costume for halloween this year, and is counting down the days to go trick or treating.

Dad is doing well too. Am in the process of getting him into adult day care a few times a week, which i hope he will like that. It will give him some interaction with some peeps.

Kevin is busy working all the time. That is about all that is new with him lol.

Our air conditioning went out this week, what a horrible night and day that was!!!!!!!! It was sooo hot and humid in this house I ended up sitting in the car with the air on for a bit. Thought I was going to pass out it was soo hot.
A cold front is coming in this weekend tho, and it is beautiful out!!!!!!!!!!! It is about 80 out right now, nice breeze and LOW humidity!! Just beautiful!

That is about it for around here. Not much to say or tell.

Have a great weekend

3 Responses to "I'm Here"

  1. Silver Feather Says:

    good to see you are still alive

  2. Kat Says:

    good to hear you are feeling better and that all is well and happy with ya!

  3. ChaCha Says:

    I miss ya!!

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