4:55 AM

Ok, so I have neglected my blog!!! Not too much going on, not too much to write about. Had a good Thanksgiving and getting ready for Christmas, which is coming way too soon. Got the tree up but no shopping done. Was going to make a trip back to Illinois, but don't think that is going to happen.
Not been working on my website either. Have new jewelry to post but just haven't felt like dealing with it. Have had sporadic orders, and a couple of custom orders that I am working on tho.
T is doing well in school. She has been sick tho. Headaches, bad headaches. She had a CT scan done last week and has a appt with an allergist next week.
That is about it for around here!!

2 Responses to "Long Time"

  1. Kat Says:

    keep us posted on her results and hugs to you all!!!

  2. Silver Feather Says:

    I am missing you

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