This is our new "adopted" tomcat. He has been hanging around the house for about 3 weeks now. Well, Tailor has 'adopted' him as her cat. He is very friendly and likes attention, which is strange for a tomcat. But anyways, today he left us a lil package outside the door, his leftovers, i image. Yep, nasty left over mouse yuck.

This afternoon i went to get the mail, and i see a mouse running around in the driveway!!!! Tomcat was laying under the van just watching it. Suddenly the cat jumped at the mouse and was playing with it!!!!!! EWWWWWWWW. Then he came walking up to the house with it in its mouth. Double EWWWWWWWWW. He let it go and chased it around abit. Damn cat. Tailor is freaking out thinking the mouse is going to hurt her cat. I explained to her that the mouse is way to little to hurt the cat.

So that was my excitement for today. Watching the cat torment a mouse in my yard!!!!

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