5:05 AM

Had a cupcake making festival here at home last night! Since tailor missed school friday, and the birthday party with cupcakes, i told her we can make some here on sat.
Well we did, and she frosted them and decorated them. She made pink frosting, and had it all over herself, the cupcakes, the counter and my potted plant!
I looked at her and she had frosting all over her face, and in her hair!!!! PINK HAIR i said, she just giggled and said, "but mom, i am frosting the cupcakes!!" Too funny.
Then she decorated them with green sprinkles and she wasn't shy with using it! After she ate one, she had green lips, pink teeth, and still had pink hair. I shoulda took a picture!! aah well...i will remember to grab the camera next time!!

To be 6 again lol

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