4:25 PM

Well the rain has passed and now it is finally sunny outside! Icky day out yesterday, then a cold front(if you want to call it that) moved through. Had my air conditioning on friday, and the heat on saturday night!! Crazy weather in sw florida!!

Been a lazy weekend. Didn't do much but laundry. Got groceries, but now can't afford to pay the babysitter this week. I am getting so sick and tired of not having the money to make it through each week. Will it ever end? Is there a magical word to make it go away? Tired of working my ass off each week and have to decide weather to pay the sitter or get groceries that will last through the week. Frustrated? Yes, i am very frustrated. Story of my life lately!!

Gotta get supper going. Hopefully this will be a better week! ( i doubt it, but there is always hope)

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