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OOh my gosh, it has been such a bad week!! My daughter, who is 6, has just been a handful.
Quite honestly, i have no idea what in the world is going on with her.
From the minute we pick her up from the babysitters in the evening until she goes to bed, it is a constant battle with her. She is screaming, and crying, and whining about everything. If she doesn't get her way it is a all out fit!! The biggest thing this week was suppertime. She didn't want what was fixed for supper, and she wants her own supper. A fight for an hour and half to get her to eat the supper!

Is she totally tired? What is with the power struggle? She wants everything her way, or it is no way. She says she acts this way because we are mean to her, and that she gets bossed around. HELLO??? what am i missing here?

To be honest i am at my wits end here. If she is this way at 6 what is it going to be like when she is 16? Am i doomed lol? I just don't know what to do with her. Time outs ...HA! Don't do any good.

A struggling mom

peace out

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