So, my daughter lost another tooth on monday, and we forgot to put it under her pillow monday night. So last night, we put it under her pillow instead.
Wed morning i went in to wake her up, and she sat up and said, the tooth fairy didn't come (as she lifted her pillow and big tears form in her eyes) I said, OH NO!!!! So i began to tell her that it was raining outside, and the tooth fairy was late. (all the time thinking, darn it!! i forgot!!!!!)
I took her into my room so that she could get dressed, and told her that i would get her breakfast ready.
I rushed back into my room and told her i heard a noise come from her room, that she better go check her tooth!! She went and checked, and low and behold the toothfairy did come!! BUT she was mad. She told me, first, the toothfairy was suppose to come in the night time, and secondly, that a dollar WASN'T enough! She threw the dollar down and didn't say another word about it.

I was dumbfounded. The poor toothfairy couldn't do any good this morning. I guess that is what she gets for being late!!

A toothfairy tale

peace out

2 Responses to "A toothfairy tale"

  1. KC Says:

    OMG, where did the kid get an idea that a dollar wasn't enough? What's a tooth going for these days? My girl will start losing hers pretty soon...

  2. Kristy Says:

    Not quite sure where she thinks that a dollar isn't enough. maybe because of the fact her father(my ex lol) gave her 5 dollars when she lost her first tooth???

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