I am just plain angry. Angry at the whole nursing home thing. My dad is in the nursing home. The reason why can be read here , under july 25th posting. (warning, long post).
ANYHOW, i get a call from my brother tonight wanting to know where i got dad's wheelchair. Apparently, dad fell backwards while going up a ramp to get weighed. Why the hell wasn't there a nurse there to push him? AND when my brother went to the nurses station to find a piece of the chair that was missing, she said there was no report of him falling??!!! WTF?? *SIGH*

I worked in a nursing home for 3 years. I know the people don't get the care that families want. Or the care that they need. Too little staff, too many patients. Or underpaid staff!! Just kills me. Believe me, this home is on the lower end of the scale as far as care goes as well. Everyone warned us not to put him there, but due to his mental condition, we could not find another one that would take him.

Just breaks my heart.
I will probably end up taking him out of the home and taking care of him again. I am currently looking for home health options for my sanity lol.

i just am plain mad!!

peace out

3 Responses to "Anger with nursing homes"

  1. Touch of Style Says:

    I really feel for you. That has to be such an awful thing for you and your dad to go through. I hope things improve for the both of you.

  2. willowfae Says:

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  3. Kim Says:

    Being a nursing home nurse for 6 years now, I know where you're coming from re: the short staffing. It's so frustrating and makes the problem even worse because that's one of the main reasons we lose good help. Tired of working like a dog for crumbs. Then there's the dedicated ones, who stick it out because of caring and compassion for people.

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