took tailor shopping today with her birthday money. she had a blast picking out some toys! She even bought a new umbrella and a pair of shorts for school.
Got her hair cut and didn't have any fights in the store! which is rare lol.

Got home and she played with her toys for about an hour then she wanted to go swimming. So we spent the afternoon in the pool.

A good break for the normal saturday routine i guess. but it was fun watching her shop for things that i didn't have to look at the price too closely and count pennies.

A good day all around

2 Responses to "Saturday Shopping"

  1. The notorious M.O.M. Says:

    I am glad that the day went great. It is nice to get away from the daily routine sometimes lol.

  2. Kristy Says:

    you are sooo right!! it is good to get away from the daily routine :)

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