yesterday after picking tailor up from school, i asked her what she had for lunch.
She says " Well, let me tell you about lunch!!" (cracked me up!!) So she goes on to tell me, that one of the teachers backed into her and she fell down and spilled her lunch tray. She says" the noodles went all over, and i feel on my butt, i cried just alittle bit, but i am ok. I got to go in another door and get a new lunch tray" I asked if she was hurt. She said "nope, but my butt hurt for alittle bit " (lol) I said, it was a good thing that you didn't get food on your clothes.
She explains to me " well i feel on my but, and the food was all around me like and here and here(as she points to around her feet)
It was just toooooooooooo cute how she explained everything to me.
"let me tell you about lunch" ..just cracked me up to no end!!!

a lunchtime story

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  1. Lisa Says:

    Awwwwww! Poor kid. I'm glad that you're able to laugh about it with her. I remember reading a book to my son about a bunny's first day of school and how he was scared that he'd spill his lunch. I can't remember the name of the book but it was very cute.

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