been a long week again here.
been in touch with mom most of the week. she is doing well. they have found an apt to stay in for the time being. Also have found some things at the house, all embedded in the sand. lots of broken glass, nothing really in tack that they find. but at least they are finding bits and pieces.

tailor has been sick all week, but still been attending school. such the trooper lol. i am soo glad that she enjoys school!!
She had a break down tonight after school, she said one of her friends is super mad at her. She tells " At p.e. today makalya asked me to be her partner, and i told her i had a partner already, sorry. so that made her mad at me" she started to cry and she said" i told her i was sorry, but i already had a partner" bless her lil heart. she is so compassionate like her mom!! wants to please everyone. I told her that she is still her friend, and that she should just talk to makayla tomorrow at school to see for herself.
I thought...ahhhhhh the heartaches of being in kindergarden LMAO..

had a job interview yesterday at a photography studio for an office assistant. As usual, i get this line" we are going to be interviewing a couple other people and will be making a decision by monday---will let you know either way"

*sigh* another turn down

i am sick and tired of people telling me, you will find something. yeah i will but not soon enough.
another disappointing interview i guess.

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