9:34 AM

My mom has gotten ahold of her neighbors this morning. She has found out that most of her friends/neighbors had evacuated before the storm. Thank goodness.
A sigh of relief

I think that they are alittle more at ease now, and that they have gotten in contact with someone down there.

Not sure what is in store for me today. kevin is busy cleaning lol, and hopefully i will get the ambition to join him. I was vaccuuming and dusting last night at 9pm lol. dont' know where the motivation came from, but it came and i ran with it.

Its hot and humid out again, so will probably hop in the pool this afternoon for awhile.
Also need to get to walmart sometime today and get some shopping done for T. She is in need of a new toothbrush, baby powder and some other essentials.

peace out

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