1:22 PM

I am still very upset at this whole situation going on the Gulf coast. So much so that i am not going to talk about it today.

I haven't talked about dad in a while, and did speak to his nurse the other day. He is taking his meds, and is doing well. i am still pissed that his broken finger didn't heal right, but what can i do about it now.
My brother visits him often and keeps me updated which is a great relief to me.
My brother also had awful news a couple of weeks ago as well. He lost his baby. His wife was about 2 months pregnant. A sad situation there. But i believe they are healing and thank God for their one year old to pull them through

I finally got a job at a local super target store. I haven't heard back tho about a start date and that is starting to piss me off as well. I tried to contact the HR people, but the voice mail box was full....

tailor is enjoying school so far, and is making friends. Which is wonderful!!!!

i on the other hand, am just a mess. My nerves are fried, my ambition is zero, my strength is zero, no motivation, no will to do much lately. Not sure what the problem is.

well that is about it for today

peace out

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