8:18 AM

this has been one long week!!!
Tailors bday went well yesterday. went to school and had lunch with her. i can say i am very proud of her. her whole table was well behaved. she was very excited to see me. but surely let me know when i could leave lol.
she enjoyed making her own cake and decorating it. and of course enjoyed her gifts. We went out to eat at her fav resturant, perkins. They sang happy birthday to her and gave her a muffin.
she told me i was the coolest mom ever lol. i think she enjoyed her day.

not sure what is up for today. need to get some work done around the house that is for sure.

i have not been feeling well all week. not quite sure what the problem is. bad headaches, light headiness, upset stomach, and feeling weak. boy i am sure sooo tired of feeling this way. go to the drs and all they say is nothing wrong with you. all my blood work comes back normal. bp comes back normal, just doesn't make sense to me.

well going to end it here for now...peace out

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    glad to hear tailors bday went well you are such a good mom!!

    did you start your night shifts this last week? could that be why your not feeling well?

    take care of yourself and remember people care about you


  2. Kristy Says:

    thanks for stopping by Kat! and the compliment as well.
    not sure why not feeling well..but i know that working the night i did, sure threw me off!!

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