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although i live in sw florida, katrina has impacted my family. my mom's house is near the beach near gulfport ms. She is safe which is important. But the pychological effects of this storm is unexplainable.
they haven't put pics up yet of the coastal areas of MS yet, but doesn't look good.
How much can a person go through in a year? From her breaking both her arms, her mother dying unexpectely and now this storm that has probably taken everything from her home, including her mothers heirlooms...just is mind boggling.
listening to all the stories on tv, my question is why didn't these people get out. just sad is all i can say.
now new orleans, under martial law..flooding from they don't know..what about all those people in shelters? where are they to go?
just a mess

peace out

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  1. LifeMoments Says:

    My prayer is that you guys have enough strenght to go through this tragedy and I pray that your mum and family is safe as well.

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