9:55 AM

look to cnn.com for info on missing loved ones

talked to mom again today. totally in shock.

lost everything it is believed, the hardest is family heirlooms, pictures..things that can not be replaced.

told her to think positive..she is safe..not hurt..not much comfort

one and a half block off rt 90 in long beach MS ..markam dr. ..no news on her neighbors, or friends in bay st louis


REDCROSS ...give if you can..

just sad

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  1. cube Says:

    Our prayers go out to your mom and the other people along theGulf Coast.

    BTW I gave to the Salvation Army today; another good organization.

  2. Kristy Says:

    Oh thank you!!!

    Yes, i forgot the Salvation Army!! They are great to give too!!!!

    thanks :)

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