Tailor is asleep and kevin is at work..again, so here i sit, in the dark and quiet this evening. I am enjoying it. I turned on some music, Elvis, gospel music at that, and am just surfing the web tonight. I haven't had time to breathe lately, and tonight i am taking some needed ME time.

I have been working on learning HTML and CSS to redesign my site, but unfortunetly have run out of time to do that, so atlas, i have hired someone to get it up and going. I am still taking marketing and SEO classes, but will leave the designing to the pros..for now :) I need to concentrate on finding a job outside my home for now. Money is tight!! i mean tight!! That is why kevin is working two shifts today. We have a total of 30 bucks for groceries for the next two weeks...that just isn't going to fly!! I am not sure what we are going to do. *sigh* I did get my resume almost finished today, with the gracious help of my brother!! So hopefully, i will have some calls for interviews next week.
Sat here last night and was talking to kevin about the money/job situation. I told him i wanted to give up the internet, and online buisness. After many thoughts and confusion about this desicion, i finally said, I DON"T KNOW WHAT TO DO???? He says to me " There are many doors in this room, which one do you want to take?" Another words, i have many choices in my life that i didn't have before while taking care of my dad...what do i want to do? The doors are now open! That was an eye opening statement he said to me. So for the short term, i need to put my buisness on the back burner, ie let someone else design it for me, and get some income in the house. And go from there. Life is crazy

am outta here, going to enjoy the quiet for awhile

peace out

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