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Well we went to tailors open house last night for school. The place was packed!!! First we had to find out her teacher's name, then find her classroom.
Found it all with little to no problem. Her teacher was ok, seemed alittle bit frazzled with all the people in the room and the kids that were playing in the back (they were LOUD) I got kinda annoyed when she was trying to talk to the parents, i couldn't hear her.
After being handed a pack full of papers to read and sign, tailor and i sat down. She wouldn't go play with the other kids, she said she was scared. *sigh*. I am sure she will get over it, but not soon enough i don't think.
We left her school supplies there and were off to go meet the speech therapist! OH MY , it is a man!!!!! NOT sure how she is going to deal with that!! As shy as she is with her speech and her personality, not sure how she is going to learn anything. Hopefully he is a good teacher, and will put her at ease.
So that was our open house for school ...Monday...the big day!!!

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  1. Amy (ssm site) Says:

    Good luck to Tailor on her new school year!

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