8:20 PM

wow, what a day today. It poured most of the day, that is depressing in itself!!
I got my errands done that i needed to do today. About noon or so, i got really ill and had to lay down. Finally about 2 i feel asleep for a hour or so...tailor, bless her lil heart, let me sleep and was good while i was napping. Got up and still felt like crap!! I hope tomorrow is a better day!
Got tailor's stuff all packed, and she is in bed, but can't sleep..cuz she says she is too excited to sleep lol. I remember those days of excitement and not being able to sleep.
Outside my bedroom window, there was a station tower with a red blinking light on it a mile down the road, i use to stare at that light at nighttime to help me go to sleep. Strange the things your kids go through, and it brings back silly memories as such.
I am not one who remembers alot about my childhood, for reasons i don't know. Sometimes it bothers me that i can't remember much about growing up. My b/f remembers lots of stuff. me...the only things i remember are bad things. things i don't wanna remember. But that memory she sparked in me, about those feelings and that darn light flashing was a good memory...i was pleased to remember that.

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