7:46 AM

Yep, raining again this morning!
Kevin is out getting tires put on the car, and tailor is patiently waiting for him to get home, so they can leave for illinois.
she couldn't sleep last night, cuz she was too excited to go to illinois she would say hourly until 11pm!!! I thought she would sleep in this morning, but she didnt.
I think everything is in order for the trip. I will be glad to have quiet time to myself, but yet miss her at the same time. I have never been away from her this long. She spent 2 weeks in illinios at christmas time, and it was a long two weeks..i can't imagine a month!!! I guess i will just have to keep goals and keep myself busy to make the time go by faster. I will also enjoy kevin and i time together alone. Something that is needed i think. I am hoping to go out next weekend for my birthday, if we can afford to. Money is tight, as we are trying to catch up and get ahead on bills. The move down here put a heavy hit on us financially.

Anyhow..i posted a digital painting that i did at the bottom of this page. A while back i took up painting in my PSP 8 program. Thought i would share the pics i have done from time to time.

Gonna run now and get T some breakfast!

til later**

4 Responses to "Bittersweet day"

  1. *~*Michelle*~* Says:

    Was just cruising through blogs and came across yours. You must live close to me because it's been raining for the same amount of days...Something else funny...I am from Illinois, now in Florida, and am going back next month, too!

  2. *~*Michelle*~* Says:

    I'm from Kankakee originally, and now in SW FL, too!

  3. Kristy Says:

    Oh my goodness!!!! I grew up in Mendota.
    and now am east of ft myers.
    life is strange! glad you stumbbled onto my blog :) take care

  4. *~*Michelle*~* Says:

    lol....I am south of Fort Myers! :)
    Take care

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