8:02 AM

Many strange dreams i had last night. Actually it seemed like one long dream. I usually don't remember my dreams, this one i have. Very vivid and very detailed. Strange.

I have a busy day today. and not feeling well. gotta get tires for the car, go shopping for some groceries, get tailors' clothes washed up and packed. just getting odds and ends things done before she leaves tomorrow. ooh and get her hair cut also!!
i will have 3 days all to myself!!! whatever shall i do?? of course i will be with out a car, so can't go anywhere lol. I did get to the library yesterday, got maya angelou's 2 and 3 rd book in her autobio. Got another war time book, looks really good. They didn't have john mccains book in..so i will have to wait on that !

i gotta get a move on, lots to do!!!
til tomorrow

2 Responses to "dreaming"

  1. SHOBALI Says:

    Talking about dreams. I had a couple of strange ones too. Thanks God I found some helpful stuff to help me interpret the dreams.
    God may be talking to you through your dreams. Pray about it.

    P.s If you want free material on interpreting your dreams,e-mail me.

  2. Kristy Says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    You may be right about God trying to talk to me :) i will pray about it!

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