8:06 AM

what an icky day out today!!! thunderstorms moving through the area. We need the rain tho, so doesn't bother me. Didn't have any plans today anyhow. I do have some errands to run, but can do them at my leisure. Trying to get laundry done for T 's trip to illinois. She is excited about going. But i sure will miss her!

Got a choker and bracelet/anklet done yesterday and that was about all i got accomplished lol.
Watched a movie last night. the faith of our fathers, the story of John McCain ..i gotta read the book now. i am sure it is MUCH better than the movie was.

going to the library later today to return my books and get new ones. i hope that his is there.

June 1 tomorrow!!! can't believe it! how time is flying. Half the year is about up.

don't have much more to say this morning. still tryin to wake up some.
til later

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