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Well this is my first memorial day that i haven't been able to visit my cousin's grave. I usually go their and put flowers on his grave and sit and reflect on life. Beings i moved to florida, i am not able to do so.
He was 20, stabbed to death while trying to save a friend from being beaten to death. He had a 9 month old son at the time. That was 12 years ago. We were very close, we grew up together. He was in the Air Force and leading a wonderful life. Life cut short. Anyhow, i will miss going there today, as i have for the past 12 years. But i will make it there next month in my travels to illinois.
A funny story that just popped in my head....
I was married to my first husband in the early ninetys. My cousin had joined the air force and was home for a bit after being deployed from Saudi Arabia. We lived near his grandparents house in the country. One morning, we heard a knock on the door and my husband went and answered it. He came back in and said to me very snotty.."there is SOME guy here to see you?" I looked at him funny, cuz first..we never get visitors and secondly when we do it was always HIS friends. lol. So i went to the door and it was MY COUSIN!! lmao!! I laughed sooooooooo hard, invited him in and my ex never lived that down!! MY cousin had been visiting his grandparents and found his way to our house to visit. It was a nice surprise!! He told us of his ventures in Saudi and how he was glad to be home. He didn't stay long, but his visit was sweet.
The next time i saw him was many years later, and i took him to the bus depot so he could return to CA where he was stationed. That was the last time i saw him alive.
so anyhow, today i will remember him and my family memebers that fought in the wars over the years, and reflect on life.

Micah, i miss you and look forward to seeing you again someday

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  1. SHOBALI Says:

    I am sorry about your cousin.
    May God rest his soul in Peace.
    This was a very touching blog.

  2. Kristy Says:

    Thank you very much!!

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