9:36 AM

had a good nites sleep last night. still not sure what is up for today. k is already outside working on his truck today. Radiator leaking. If it isn't one thing it is another!!

With T leaving thurs for illinois, i asked him last night what the heck are we going to do for a month without her here?!! Probably go out and see a movie he says. lol. He asked me what i wanted to do for my birthday (coming up next month) i said get drunk lol so i am hoping we can spend some much needed time alone doing something other than watching tv here at home. Been a stressful couple of weeks here, relationship wise.

i was thinking the other day, about my life, and about the paths that i have traveled so far. Of course with taking care of dad, so much of my life is ummmm..restricted i guess would be the word. Maybe God has led me on this path, or otherwise i would be getting into trouble lol. If dad wasn't here, i know i would be out partying all the time. Something i really didn't get to do in my early 20's, late 20's or even 30's lol. After my 2nd divorce, i did however, get out and party. Meet alot of people, and had the time of my life. Not to say that is the only thing i wanna do. I wanna go and see plays, i have only been to one. phantom of the opera, and didn't understand one thing about that one lol. Wanna travel. i would love to be able to take a weekend, and be able to go see things. historical things. i love history. it amazes me. Take a 4 day cruise. i don't know...anything that can be done on a whim. But alas, can't be done, due to my dad.
wow i guess i took off rambling again. well i guess that is what this is for...a mom's ramblings lol

gotta get off here and get something productive done. although i feel like just being lazy again today.

til later

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