8:21 PM

wow, what a lazy day i had today!! i did nothing. Watch general hospital all afternoon and got caught up what was going on. Kevin fixed my car, which took all afternoon. Now it is 9:30 pm and we are watching Windtalkers. I love that movie!

got my site up and goin again. Almost done with a necklace that i hope to get on my site tomorrow or the next day, and got another idea for a bracelet.

one more night of reading, and i will have finished my book. I know why the caged birds sing, by Maya Angelou. great book!!! i wanted to read some recent stuff of hers, but thought i better start at the begining, with her first book. Wow, what a childhood she had!! i can't wait to read the next one.

Not sure what plans are for tomorrow. Tailor didn't ask once today to go swimming, which is rare with her!!! She was actually good today, and didn't ride my heels all day. She cleaned her room, and colored some pictures. She is excited about leaving for illinois next week. In all honesty, i am ready for a break from her as well. We don't get along well most times. She is soo hard headed and independant, like her mother lol. I am going to have a time with her when she gets older, i know that for a fact. It will do her good to visit her dad, and her grandma, and her uncle. (my mom and brother) Plus her friends that she misses as well.

well commerical is over, back to the movie

til tomorrow

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