Just another one. i disklike mondays. dont' know why but just do.

I am still working on my website to redo it. i just don't have enough time to myself to work on it, which gets me very frustrated. tomorrow i will have the time tho, i plan on spending the day redoing the layout. i want to do it myself instead of paying someone to do it. I wore a hemp anklet i made this weekend. looked pretty good lol. i also got different color hemp, instead of natural color, to do some diff stuff. also been looking at glass beads to incorporate also, instead of wooden ones, that i have been using. i have made two or three more things, that i haven't posted yet, am waiting til i redo the site til i do post them.

anyhow..tailor is on my last nerve already this morning. had huge fights this morning already, and more to come i am guessing. she already has her suit on wanting to go swimming, and it is only 10 am grrrrrrrrrr.

well am outta here for now

til later

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  1. josephine Says:

    well have fun today :)

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