well i thought today would be better, but i have a horrible headache and my back is killing me. this stupid website of mine has gotten me all shaken up lol. i give up on it today.

tailor is going to illinois next week for a month. She is visiting her dad, grandma and all her friends there. she told me yesterday(after tons of fighting) she wanted to move to illinois with her dad. so i said, ok, you think it is all rosey up there, i will find a way for you to go, and i did. she rethought what she had said, came out of her room while i was checking flights to illinois, and asked me what i was doing. so i told her, getting a flight to illinois. She looked at me, and asked' do you still love me?' i said of course, i always will. then she asked 'why are you still finding flights to illinois then?' I told her, that she said she wanted to go live in illinois ....she says' aaaactually, i just meant i wanted to VISIT my dad, not live there' (lol the lil shit)
i am not playing her game of when she gets mad and wants to live with dad. So i called her on it, and it worked. Shit, she is only 5!!!
Anyhow, she is going to go visit and is soooo excited. we will see if she lasts a month!! ( i know I WONT) but that is the plan.

well i am off to take a nap. can't take the dizziness anymore

til tomorrow

4 Responses to "thought today would be better"

  1. Mouthy Mom Says:

    Mr. B leaves on Tuesday to be in Illinois for five weeks. He pulls the "I want to live with my dad" thing too. Then he gets up there and three days later he wants to come home.

    Little shits is right!

  2. Mouthy Mom Says:

    Oh, can you please put the Crazy Hip Blog Mamas code on your site so I can add you to the group? I emailed it to you! Thanks!

  3. Cath Says:

    LOL, she'll probably be the same and want to come home after 48 hrs!

  4. Kristy Says:

    yep, i give about a week and wanna come home lol

    its nice to know she isn't the only one to pull the ' i wanna live with dad' thing lol

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