those who tell lies and keep secrets always are found out. even if the first lie was told, and thought done with? and secretly is being going on, is STILL found out. no one wins with lies. i destest a person who lies to me, who wouldn't???
is a person's intellence suppose to be scorned? a lie found out, surely puts a whole in the recievers heart. they are not stupid, they are not ignorant, the liar is stupid and ignorant.
why would a person think it necessary to lie? even if to a foe? why must a person be insulted but such things?
those who think a computer can hold secrets, are wrong. use passwords, use alias', use blocking agents..whatever you have to. but the truth always shines through.

the only real secret to the good life is to NOT lie in the first place. to be completely honest. then there is no secrets to be kept. no lies to lie again about. one lie leads to another, it is a never ending battle.

a liar beware
a heart is
nothing to tear.

a liar be taught
u will always always
be caught

a liar be quiet
for all you do
is cause all out riot

a liar alone
with misery to himself
reap what is sowen

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