6:17 AM

Not a good morning so far. The normal stuff i guess...tailor bitching, doing laundry, trying to pinch pennies..same thing different day i guess.
I was on here last night trying to figure out how to have differnt blogs in this one blog spot, and i got frustrated that i couldn't get it right!! I want a general section, depression section, book section..blah blah blah. So i am still frustrated about that this morning. I guess for a person who has no idea about html, or any other codes for that matter, i am doing pretty good, but not as good as i wanna be lol.

Got to go to walmart today for odd and end things. Been cutting coupons and trying to save money. Kevin wants to change careers, and go into real estate. That is huge because it is all commission, and we need a paycheck every week. So we are trying to figure out how to get this all started.

he sent me an lovely ecard last night which i got this morning. that put a smile on my face. It was just to tell me how much he appriecates all that i do here and that he loves me very much. Being a sahm, being appriecated is huge. So that made me feel good :)

Well i am off, might come back later this afternoon and try to figure more out about customizing this blog!! lol.


I didn't get here today to see if i could mess around with the blog thing. I ended up doing alot of cross stitch this afternoon. Finish my dishes and almost finished the laundry.
Fixed supper and then did more cross stitching.
Maybe tomorrow i will get here and see what i can do

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