10:23 AM

Can't believe how fast this week is going. Not to mention this whole month. Sheesh. Didn't have time to work on editing this blog last night or today. I am making some more jewerly. I got more supplies yesterday, so that is my plan for today.
Kevin actually helped with A load of laundry last night. He also said he was making supper, put the fish and fries in the oven and then headed outside. I ended up watching the food, and getting it out when it was done. I went outside and told him supper was burnt, i thought you were watching it??? He looked at me dumbfounded? Of course it wasn't burnt, but when a person says they are fixin supper, i didn't think throwing the stuff in the oven and forgetting about it was making supper. lol
Anyhow, not much goin on here. Gonna get back to making this stuff.

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