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Well, i thought i posted this morning around noon or so, but i don't see it HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM??

Anyways, i have been doing macrame this morning, getting ready to set up shop on the net. I am excited. I hope that my buisness will do good. I love to be creative and have others enjoy my work.
it is now 3 pm and it is blazing hot outside!! i wish i was swimming, but that pool filter is sooo bad. Gotta wait til kevin gets home to get it backflushed and cleaned up. Maybe tomorrow..swimming.

Been trying to help my daughter count to 20 for her kindergarden screening. I think it is terrible they have to be 'accepted' into kindergarden now a days. I got her "school orientation" letter today, almost cried!!! She starts aug 8.
She gets stuck on the number 13 and i figured out why!! Due to her speech ...she say three "fwee" so when she goes to say 13 she says 15!! ...like she is trying to say thr..but comes out ''fweif" 15. That is why she is getting confused!!!! I sure hope she gets a smarter speech therapist that she had this year. I am soooooooooo disappointed in her therapy i could spit!!!

i could go on and on, but have to get to goin!!!

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  1. kat Says:

    Handmade jewelery and stuff does pretty well on the web. A good way to get people to see it is to post pics on your blog. You can do that by going to hello.com and downloading their program which works with blogger. :)

  2. Kristy Says:

    Thanks for the tips Kat!! Your too cool :) i was gonna look to see if they supported photobucket, i have an account there already. If not, i will go check out hello.com :)

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