6:05 AM

Sheesh, i have been up since 5 am again. Don't know why i do that to myself. I will be ready to fall asleep by 11 am !!
Got to do some pricing today for a travel wheelchair for dad. The one place i called wanted 300 bucks!! But it is necessary to have, but still am going to shop around.

Going to make some more pieces of macrame today. I got two finished yesterday. today i also need to get out and do my daily walk...i didn't yesterday!!! Bad me. Sat in this comp chair most the day either knotting or messing around on this damn blog. I need to take html lessons or something so i know what the heck i am doing. Next thing on my list of things to do i guess.

Tailor is still sleeping, and i drank a pot of coffee already. Got one load of laundry done, and about 2 or 3 more to do. One load in the dishwasher to do also. I need to vaccuum out the pool today too!! The pool temp got up to 80 yesterday!! So hopefully it will get alittle warmer today. So much to do So little time *sigh*

Well i am outta here, for now....

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