6:51 AM

I really dislike mondays for some reason. But this morning i feel somewhat rested. Did get good sleep last night. Although i was awaken by the neighbors barking dogs ..grrrr..at 6 am, but that gives me 'alone' time before tailor gets up.

I should be getting the laundry started, but will take a moment to write in here. I need to go get some groceries this morning, and some macreme supplies. I am seriously thinking about making this jewerely and selling it. But i will do one thing at a time, and get good at making it, then will worry about how i am going to sell it. Some tell me to sell on ebay, but i have never done that. I would like to eventually get my own site to sell it on. But i have no idea how to create a site lol..something else to learn. I got nothing but time on my hands, so i have no excuse not to learn.

Well, better get to goin on the laundry..


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