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Ahhh Sunday afternoon. Not much going on at the moment ..i am exhausted.

Yesterday went well.
We took off about 11 and got to the beach about 12. We walked the shoreline and looked for shells. The waves where big, and water was warm. Not too many people at this beach that we found. I liked it. Out of the way type of thing.
We stayed there for about 2 hours then went to find our cottage. Stopped and got something to drink and then went and checked in. Our cottage was a studio, so it was small!! But good enough for us. Got our things outta the car then went to the beach :) Walked along the shore again. Part of the beach was eroded away and closed due to the hurricane that came through last year. Found alot of more shells. The water was warm and many people swimming and a few fishing.
We were out there for about 2 hours again. We decided to go to the swimming pool for a short while before heading out to dinner. Got to the pool, and there was a family with 2 kids there, so didn't stay long. Whole idea of a day away...was NO kids!!!
Got ready and couldn't decide where to go eat. He was to have this planned so we didn't run into that problem. What is it with men that they can't make a decision like that and stick with it. Well, he FINALLY decided where to go, and it was 15 miles away. Got to the area, he forgot the map, thought it would be easy to find...NOT. Took a half hour of driving to find it, and then it was closed. I was PISSED. SO, we headed back towards the hotel, and went to another one, and it was closed to a private party...MORE PISSED> Finally, found one, but no parking available. after an hour and half driving the hell around, we are still driving around looking for parking. Needless to say i was just ready to go back to the hotel and go to bed.
Got a table and sat down. Of course we got the slowest damn waitress in the place. AFTER 2 and one half hours, we finally left. I was soooo Mad and tired by this time. We missed the sunset on the beach and some much needed relaxing listening to the waves.
We got back to the cottage, i changed and went to bed. What a fricking night.
Didn't get much sleep, cuz we needed to be up at 5 am, and i didn't think he set the alarm right, so i kept waking up every hour. Then he was up at 2 am, tossing and turning, so i couldn't sleep again. Probably got about 2 full hours of sleep the whole night. That is why i am sooooooooo tired today.

i am signing off of here now, and going to lay down.

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