11:27 PM

Another holiday season past, thank goodness.
This one harder than the last. Trying to survive, trying to stay afloat, is not easy these days.

Another year ahead, one can only hope for better. Of course the outlook doesn't seem very bright. Time can only tell.

Been a long but short year here. Met a few new friends that I am grateful for.
A renewed interest in writing poetry again. It comes and goes, but at least it comes sometimes. Been years since I had wrote. Feels good to be able to get it out again. With that, loss of interest in other stuff that I had done as well. Its gone, but maybe one day it will return as has my writing.

T is growing up fast. Now is counting down til she turns 16. She is already talking about buying a car. Doing well in school and surprising me at every turn. It'll be double digits for her next year. Hard for me to believe.

Happy New Year

5:11 AM

Was going through my pictures and well, I was bored.

I love storms. The sound, the smell, the look of the sky before they arrive...

Nighttime, was watching the lightening, and when it flashed I seen an airplane headed to the airport. Grabbed the camera and waited for another flash, and caught it! How cool is that? The plane is on the lower left of the pic!

Living 2 blocks from the river is pretty cool. Until we get the worst flooding in decades here.

The river is now one block from my home. Went down and grabbed some pictures.

Standing a block from home.

A closer look.

Folks in a canoe going down river road. You can see the street sign.
They measured the depth and it was about 1/2 the oar.
A block south of here it is waste deep.

House to the left of the street sign, hope that the water hasn't gone in their home.

The river isn't suppose to crest until Saturday. Its said to crest at 27 ft. We shall see.

4:57 AM

My baby's birthday party. Turning 9 on the 9th how cool is that?

Gotta have cake!

A game maybe?

Last but not least the goods!

Ah to be 9 again. Friends, family, a gathering..chattering of the kids, oh the fun of it. Glad its over :) lol.

NYFD Captain Timothy Stackpole had just been promoted to Captain the Thursday before 9/11. He had just returned to duty after sustaining severe burns in another fire he fought.
After some months of light duty at Ladder 103 in Brooklyn, "he felt it was a tremendous victory when he came back to the firehouse to full duty a few months ago," said the Rev. Jim Cunningham, the Stackpoles' parish priest in Marine Park, Brooklyn. The Thursday before the terrorist attack, Lieutenant Stackpole was promoted to captain. And on the Saturday before the disaster, Captain Stackpole was named Irishman of the Year at the Great Irish Fair in Brooklyn, Father Cunningham said.

On September 11, 2001 Captain Stackpole had just finished his shift when he heard of the news. It is said he went straight to World Trade Center 2, where he perished.

Rudi Giuliani said this about him:
"I met Captain Timothy Stackpole at the Burn Unit, Cornell Medical Center, in 1998. And I remember him saying, 'My mother always warned me I should put on clean underwear, but I forgot to put them on today.' On September 11, Captain Timothy Stackpole formed a company of firefighters, and together, they raced up into the inferno that was Number 2 World Trade Center. Not one of these extraordinary men ever questioned his duty, nor did he ever question whether he might return to the embrace of those he loved and those who loved him. Nobody can take your father away from you. He is part of you. The tears will make you stronger... we have to cry, and we have to mourn."

To all the family and friends of Captain Stackpole I send my prayers. He will not be forgotten.

We will never forget.

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