4:24 AM

well, its 4 am and here I sit wide awake. I have been up since 3 am and couldn't go back to sleep. Its been a long time since I have been up in the middle of the night. *sigh* I hate it when I do this. Not sure what the problem is.

So we went to my mom's camping site over the weekend. Had a good time. Mostly we fished and lil miss tailor was THE fisherman lol. She caught catfish, bass, rock bass, and bluegill. She caught about 20 rock bass. She would throw her line out and before she could lock it, she caught a fish lol. She had the time of her life. It was getting dark and she didn't want to leave. We got up the next morning and asked her what she wanted to do that day and she said ..go fishing.. too cute. So we did and the little shit caught like 6 or 7 more fish. And wouldn't you know it I forgot my darn camera at home!!!!

Took some nature pics the other week and have been meaning to post em up here, but haven't gotten around to posting on here lately. We went to a lake a couple of weeks ago and fed the geese, there were tons of them there. So I caught them eating.

Then of course there was a playground there and Miss T had to play for awhile. She is such the ham!!!!!

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