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I went last night for a sleep study. Talk about getting NO sleep lol. I had to sleep on my back or side, which I don't do very well. I always sleep on my stomach. So i tossed and turned all night long. The tech lady said she got enough data though, so I guess I slept somewhat. Got woke up at 5:15 am, just when I was starting to sleep good. Figures huh? Should get the results in about a week. Got home and took a shower to get all the goo out of my hair, that was real fun! So now I have a major headache for not getting enough sleep last night. The tech asked me this morning when she was taking all the wires off what I had planned for the day, and I told her SLEEP. She kinda looked at me funny lol.
So that is how my sleep study went. Not sure if I have sleep apnea or not, find out in a week.

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  1. ablondeblogger Says:

    I'd be the same way if I did a sleep study! And I'd sleep the next day, too, lol.

    Hope you don't have apnea. Keep us posted!

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