In following my tribute last year for the 2996 project, I have chosen to honor Commander Dan F. Shanower this year.
I chose Mr. Shanower because he was from Naperville, IL which is near where I grew up.

Mr. Shanower worked at the Pentagon in the Office of Navy Intelligence. He was the second victim identified from the Pentagon. His Navy career has taken him around the world. His first 10 years in the Navy was spent abroad. He eventually made his way to the Pentagon.

A young man, at the age of 40, left behind a loving family. He has 4 other siblings. According to his family and friends, Mr. Shanower was a very free spirited, funny and even alittle bit mischievous as a kid. In family pictures he was the one making the goofy faces. In high school, he buried an unwanted car engine in his parents yard. In college he found out his taste for foreign affairs. He eventually signed up for a class that included a trip to the Soviet Union. One winter he got lost in Moscow. He had many adventures throughout his short life. He was planning on retiring soon from the Navy and then plan on starting a family.

One of the many young people who lost their lives that day. My prayers and thoughts to his friends and family today.

Once again, after researching about him, I have found that I would have loved to have met Mr. Shanower. The stories that he may have been able to share, are now priceless to those who he shared them with.

There is more reading about Commander Dan Shanower here if anyone would like to know more about this awesome man.

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