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Yep, bad blogger here again. I really have not had much to say hence no posts here.
We had a good labor day weekend. Went to a campground for the weekend and mostly just fished. Tailor caught her first fish, it was too cute. Of course I forgot my camera at home so no pictured :(

I will be starting classes at h and r block again next week, thought I would get back into doing taxes next year. I really want to go back to college but time will tell on that one I suppose.

Tailors birthday is tomorrow. 8 years old already. Time sure does fly by. We are going to chuck e cheese for her party. oh i think around 15 people will be there.

Found out yesterday that my brother and his wife are pregnant again. 3rd child. I know they were wanting one more, but didn't know they wanted it now. Their youngest isn't even one yet lol. I wish the best for them.

Well am off for now, but hope to have more to say soon lol.

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