Ok, i know i haven't been here. It has been one major whirlwind around here past couple of weeks.

I am not going to go into much detail. but here is the gist of what has been going on.
Kevin has been here past two weeks, i mean spending the night here and time here. I have been painting my kitchen, family room and hallway. He had been cleaning out the shed, fixing the pool and doing work around here. Well on friday, he decided that he wanted to work things out and that he was going to tell "her" that they were done. No more communication.
Well, saturday, while he was in the pool fixing the side, I looked at his phone. He had a text message. and guess who it was from? yep her. I went in his inbox and found messages from her saying "i miss you. I miss your smell, i miss listening to your heartbeat, i love you. i am horny, i miss ur c**k."
Yep, he has been lying to me the past 6 weeks. Telling me he had seen her once, and that he had talked to her occassionally. Truth is....(now this is the girl he had the emotional affair with the month of december) He fucked her in december. He has been fucking her since he moved out (probably since december, but he never admitted that) She is in love with him, and he with her. They think they are soul mates. He has been having a relationship with her this whole time he has been gone. No wonder he doesn't want to committ to working things out with me. He has even met her sister.
Yep. what a fool am i? but guess what. NO MORE. I have finally seen him for the lying, cheating , piece of shit that he is.

I have found a part time job. probably will go full time. I have got my dad on a waiting list for assisted living. I am getting this house fixed up so that i can sell it.
I have lost 20 lbs(yeah)
I am trying to move on with my life.
I have finally found the anger coming.
That is what has been happening here!!

Thank you my friends for checking in on me. I am going to need you guys now more than ever.

4 Responses to "Updating on my life"

  1. Allie Says:

    holy crap...time to move on along I think. You can do it. Be strong! The weight loss is obviously from stress, yay stress...LOL.
    Keep your head up and be strong girl!

  2. Kat Says:

    its hard to see things clearly, if only time could speed up, if only the clocks could go backwards to have forseen this and change it, you want to listen to your heart but your brain tells you otherwise, its a tough place to be, but you will do what is right for you, hugs

  3. ablondeblogger Says:

    Oh, Kristy, this all sounds so familiar to me. My husband said it was over, too, and for a month, I trusted him. He also said he only saw her once, in the hall at work. And it was an emotional affair as well.

    The day after our anniversary, I drove out to his office to see if he really was staying late. I saw him leaving at a stoplight. He didn't see me.

    I pulled into his parking garage and called his cell to see if he'd lie to me and say he was at work. He didn't, so I thought maybe I was wrong to be suspicious.

    But, something compelled me to drive by her house, and there he was, in her driveway with her.

    She tried to lie for him and make up a bunch of excuses. I told her she could have him and that it was over.

    Ten minutes later, when I was alone with him, I was begging him to come home, to end this, and not to hurt our children (how pathetic is that?)

    He left me and went to a hotel for two weeks. She proceeded to ignore him and when he realized how he f*cked everything up, he wanted to come back to me and our kids.

    I took him back, we went to counseling and it's been two years now. I still have a lot of trust issues and insecurity, but things are a lot better.

    I still wonder if it was more than emotional. He says nothing physical ever happened, but that's what they all say, right?

    So, again, I've been in your shoes. I know how painful this is, how degrading it is and how hard it is.

    Hold on to that anger, believe in yourself, respect yourself...protect yourself. This guy sounds like he likes to play games (why else would he tell you he wanted to work things out when he was "in love" with someone else the whole time?!!!)

    I have no doubt he'll keep trying to play those games with you. Stay strong and do your best to stay away from him. I believe in you and I'm here if you ever need to talk


  4. ChaCha Says:

    Kristy I am here for you. But now is the time to move on with your life, dump his ass. You deserve Prince Charming, you deserve to be loved unconditionally. A new phase of your life is beginning, take the first step, make it happen

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