Yup, it was fireplace time last night! Chilly, got down in the 40's or 50's I think.

Hard to believe a home in Florida has a fireplace, but we do. Actually alot of homes we looked at before buying this one had fireplaces. I had to laugh at first, who in the hell needs a fireplace in Florida??????? But on chilly nights, I have found out why.

So sat by the fire last night and relaxed. We even had it lit a couple of times last week as well. One night it got down in the 30's.

No, I am not a wimp, I know what cold nights are like. I grew up in northern Illinois, which has cold burry nights!!!!!!!! But being down here in south florida for a couple of years has lowered my tolerance for what is cold. Shoot, if it is 60 out, I am in pants and am chilly. Back home I would have broke out the shorts and tee's for that kind of weather!!

Anyhow, waiting for the big game today!!! GO BEARS (of course, being from Illinois and all!!) I am hoping for a good game. I watched the bears in 86 win the superbowl. I was in 8th grade LMAO. As a matter of fact, I was in volleyball my 7th and 8th grade years and we picked our jersey numbers. My 7th grade number was 9 ...for who else than Jim McMahan!!! In 8th grade i picked number....34...for who else than the all time great Walter Payton!! God rest his soul. Wish he could be here to see this day, but hopefully he is watching from above!!


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  1. ChaCha Says:

    Keep updating girl, I am here and I am reading..... and waiting lol

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