I haven't been able to blog this past week. Overwhelmed with the whole 5 yrs 9-11 stuff, I just left it alone until I thought I could come write.

When I first joined the 2996 tribute thing and got assigned my name, I researched him as much as possible. I had a draft wrote up, and somehow lost it. Don't know if blogger or I did something, but the draft was gone, on sept 9th had to write a whole new one. Isn't the one I had written, but I got it done. I am by NO means a writer. I hope that if any family/friends reads this that they know that I was very intriqued by his life and by being a part of 2996, will remember him specificly through the years.

I have been reading other tributes throughout the week as well. My goal is to read them all, but after reading so many in a day, I need a breather. It is tough to put faces, lifes to the numbers. So many...So many lost.

Thank you to those who have come to read about Simon Weiser. What a wonderful man he would have been to know!!


2 Responses to "Post Script 2996"

  1. Kat Says:

    oh kristy you have such a big heart and such a caring person you did a wonderful job on your piece and should be proud of bringing him back

  2. Silver Feather Says:

    I thought you did an aweseome tribute to him.

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