Mr. Simon V. Weiser 1936-2001

Interestingly, Simon was an inventor, who patented some of his inventions almost with little help. He had a workshop set up at home where he could retreat to in his
spare time to work on his inventions.

As I find Simon's history very interesting, born in Kyiv then coming to the USA, Simon was a history buff himself.

What a great pleasure it would have been to meet Mr. Weiser, a great thinker, inventor, and he probably had many great history stories to share. He sure seemed like he was not just your normal 9-5er, as he had so many other interests outside of his workplace.

Mr. Simon V. Weiser, born in Kyiv in 1936, arrived in the US in 1978.

Mr. Weiser worked as a power distribution engineer for the Port Authority and worked the World Trade Center.

He is survived by his wife, a son and 3 grandchildren.

Prayers to your family as I remember you specifically, Mr Weiser, 5 years later.

I want to share here, what Simon's son had posted on site as well:

"How do you squeeze a life into a few lines? And especially his life? In many ways, Simon V. Weiser was a Renaissance man; he cared and learned about so many things. His portrait in the New York Times was entitled Medieval History Buff, but it did not do justice to his multi-faceted life. History was one of his interests, and it was not limited to “medieval” history. Simon was an inventor who himself, practically without assistance, patented a dozen of his inventions. He would have patented many, many more. Curiously, after his death on 9/11 I found in his notes an interesting idea for equipping airliners with a system to disable hijackers on the ground. Simon was an electrical engineer by trade and a skillful metal worker in his spare time. At home, he had a well-equipped workshop where he built his inventions. He was a thinker and a philosopher. He was a man of principle and logic in the Ayn Randian sense. He was my father."

Writen by: Anatoly S. Weiser

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15 Responses to "2996 Tribute **Simon Weiser**"

  1. Sarah Says:

    This is a really neat post, and I enjoyed reading not just about where he was born, etc., but also his personality and his hobbies. I though it was very appropriate. This is a really neat and moving slideshow made by some students in PA: I think it is something everybody should watch if they can, so I’m asking all the participants in 2996, if they want to, to post the link on their blogs. Thank you.

  2. Kat Says:

    That was so beautiful thanks kristy for bringing him back so others can know about him

  3. Donna Says:

    Good job. I love this project!

  4. bernie Says:

    Thank you - I linked to your tribute from 2996 tribute to victims of 9/11 - Terrence E Adderley

  5. Kristy Says:

    I was SO fasinated by what I read about Mr. Weiser, that I wanted to find out more about him, but didn't feel comfortable enough to try to contact family.

    thanks for stopping by !

  6. Ms. Vickie Says:

    Thank you for sharing this tribute with us Kristy.
    This allowed my path to cross your path, my tribute is also up.

  7. MrsGreenThumb Says:

    Thank you for a glimpse in the life of Simon Weiser. Like my grandparents who came to the US a hundred years ago, Simon was looking for a better life. I'm glad he found that freedom to pursue his interests. My condolences to his family. We will not forget him.
    Visit my blog to read about Catherine A. Nardella who died on 9/11.

  8. mommaobrienx7 Says:

    These tributes are wonderful. I have been reading them all afternoon. Thank you for using your blog to pay repect to a wonderful man and his family.

  9. Motherkitty Says:

    What a wonderful tribute to someone who came to this great country for a better life. Thank you for being part of this wonderful tribute.

    I invite all your readers to view my special tribute to Cynthis Motus Wilson who died when WTC Tower 1 fell. Please add my link to your list. Thank you.

  10. Undercover Angel Says:

    What a beautiful tribute. Thank you so much for sharing his life with us.

  11. healthpsych Says:

    A wonderful tribute to a very interesting man.

  12. Silver Feather Says:

    very good job Kristy. Way to bring him back for all of us to see.

  13. Beth Says:

    What a lovely tribute, Kristy. You brought Simon Weiser to life for me, and left me just a little sadder over all the losses. My heart goes out to Mr. Weiser's widow, son, and grandchildren.

    Dinah Webster

  14. gordaboo Says:

    What a great thinker we lost on that fateful day. Who knows what he could've accomplished if he wasn't taken from the world.

    We will never forget.

    I remember Lisa Egan

  15. Katherine Says:

    That was a really beautiful tribute.

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