Its July 16th, half the month gone..already. Just gone. I am trying to figure out where the heck does the time go? It seems to be moving very fast for me. Does this happen when you get older? Does it move even faster as you age? If so, that is alittle bit scary to me. Shoot, I don't even know what I want to be when I grow up yet!!
Of course, I am not a one who makes up my mind easily either. I hate to make decisions. Although I am not quite sure how I came about making the decision to up and move from Illinois to Florida like I did, but I did make it, and I followed through with it too!! A what a decision THAT was!! No family here, no job here, just decided to up and move with my daughter, 4 at the time, an ill father, 2 cats, a dog and a great supportive boyfriend!! Just packed everything up and moved. ...1400 miles away to gater land.
It will be two years in Sept that we moved down here. Time flies..see what I mean? Where does the time go? Ah well..I still love it here. It is such a difference from where I grew up. I came from a town with only one stop light in town, to a town that has a stop light right outside my house! and every few minutes thereafter lol.
Time...where does it go?

2 Responses to "Where does the Time go?"

  1. Kat Says:

    I do envy you kristy for making a move like that and succeeding, I dont know if I could do that myself be to scared I think of the unknown, and yep I cant believe that was 2 years ago and time is sure flying by I really hope its not an age thing though lol, take care hun and thanks for stopping by mine!

  2. ChaCha Says:

    2 years already? Wow doesn't seem that long. I am glad you moved there

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