I am sitting in my back room..(my OWN space) making some jewelry this morning and all of the sudden the walls, floor and windows shake a bit and I hear a loud crash!!! I thought OMG, dad has fell again, I came out looked in his room and then in the kitchen...and nope he didn't fall, he was drinking his coffee. So I thought, what in the world?? Well maybe it was the construction work outside or the neighbors were doing some work on their house.

Later I went to get Tailor at the sitters' and the sitter asked if I hear a loud noise this morning?? I said YES!!!!!!!!!!!! What...??!!! You heard it too?? She said, Yes we were outside and I thought there was an explosion. Her neighbor said I think it was the sonic boom from the space shuttle!!! I was like Cooooool, it probably was, cuz it landed today! I came home, and yep..the newscasters said to one another, did you hear the sonic booms with the shuttle landing?
So I knew that is what it was and thought that was pretty cool!!

Anyway...................this evening I asked Kevin if he heard a boom this morning! He said YES!!!!! What the hell was it?? I said, it was the sonic boom from the space shuttle. He said" OMG, I was sitting in my truck and it sounded like someone hit the roof with a basketball!!! I looked around like WTF?? Got out of the truck looked around, thinking someone was messing with me. (me---I am dying with laughter now) and he seen someone else down the street looking up in the air, so I looked up too..but didn't see anything. ( I am still dying with laughter) So I got back in my truck and finished my work up."
It was the funniest story I heard in a long time LMAO. Guess you had to hear it from him, but it was funny.

So that's my version of the space shuttle landing!!

2 Responses to "BOOM *windows shake*"

  1. Kat Says:

    that is so cool, and its funny just reading kevins version too lol I too would have been like what on earth. glad to hear it was that and not anything serious.

  2. ChaCha Says:

    lmao too funny Kristy

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