8:03 AM

I have not much to say again this week. Worked on a buisness logo for my buisness cards all day yesterday, and still don't like the outcome. But will do for now.

Dad had a dr appt tues. and all went well. He has another appt next thurs. for a checkup.

Tailor had a playday on tues and had fun with that as well. Next week is our turn for the playdate. Probably will make use of the pool.

It has been hot and very humid this week, looks like the summer rainy season is upon us. Clouds up in the afternoon for a nice short cooling shower.

I finished my crochet project that I have been working on the past 2 weeks, well almost finished. I need to sew all the squares together for the blanket!

Well that is about it for what's up here. See...boring!!!!

3 Responses to "No Title"

  1. Kat Says:

    Are you going to post a pic of your blanket? Was it hard learn how to do it?

  2. Kristy Says:

    yep i will post a pic of it when i am done.
    It was hard at first, but once i found a book with great instructions, i got the hang of it pretty well!!

  3. ChaCha Says:

    right on, look forward to seeing it, have fun on your trip this weekend girl, you so deserve a break

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